Hereford Hogs
NOTE, at this time, we do not have any Herefords. we are revamping our set up, and will either get back into Herefords, or looking at the larger Kune Kunes. check back to see what we decided on. -We have raised many different breeds or crosses of hogs through the years here. After a lot of research, we decided to try a heritage breed, the Hereford Hog. yes, they are the same red & white color as the Hereford cow. a very brightly colored, flashy pig. the pros were to be; good on pasture or confinement rearing, good flavor, maintaining some lard/fat to keep a good flavor to the meat, but not excessive, a docile easy to manage pig, that didn't get huge. after butchering our 1st, we are very pleased with the results. Full flavor, 3 sm containers of lard for baking, nice pig. our unofficial rate of gain was 1.76 lbs per day. not our biggest gain, but certainly a nice gain. on a diet of raw whole milk, some grains, and plenty of greens. a nice red pork, full of flavor. it looks like we'll keep them around. We have 3 Hereford sows. we have a registered Hereford boar. we will be adding in purebred reg gilts in the next year, hopefully. meet some of our pigs here, the gilts, registered boar, Jason & the market pigs. we will have whole & half hogs available Sept/Oct of '16. we raise them on whole raw Jersey milk, with some grain mix; oats, corn, alfalfa pellets, with leftover fruts & veggies from the garden, some pasture. we're working on  getting the pigs out 100% to pasture, for *pasture* raised pork.  price is by hanging weight. we prefer to deliver to SWISS meat, where you make the arrangements for cuts/packing (additional costs, based on what you have done) the delivery is included in our price.