Some of our Cairns with their families..
Tavie at 1 yr. *B* family.
Ozzie ruling the *K* household.
Murphy, a member of the *P* family.
Logan & Keagan, 1st day of school.
Gidget, a member of the *J* family.
Santa? No, just Fergus, Jack & Jesse. 
Ben & Isaac, members of the *B* family.
They are half brothers, Jake's their sire.
Caleb with Schumi & Senna, Grandma & Grandpa *W*s littermate puppies. 
Willy at 16, with his new buddy, Packy, member's of the *A* family.
Noodle, a member of the *K* family. 

Packy is a boater, looks like fun!
Baxter at 4 m. what a cutie with his hankie. 
Baxter is brother to Ellie, Spike & Sophie. 
Ellie from Chicago. it has been hard to select a pic of El. for now, it's this one, showing what a rough life she has. lol